New-and-Improved Ways to Destroy America

Hollywood’s working overtime at tearing down our country!  Have you seen How (Not) to Murder Your Husband?  Apparently, over the years, men have been so unfair and cruel to women that wives are now being taught the right way to kill hubby off.  Well, at least learning what not to do so they can do it right.  Same thing.

Then, there’s Sinister Ministers and Preachers of LA.  Yeah!  If we can just eliminate God from our country and society, America will be the Utopia we all want!  It’s morals that makes our country so crappy!  (Just because there are some creepy, crappy men in the pulpit doesn’t negate God and morality, you idiots!)

I’m guessing the next series of shows will be Corrupt Cops, Traitorous Army Rangers (See?  There, they’ve got the initials, TAR!), Nautical Naughties of the Navy, Judges Who Can’t, Why the Right is Wrong, Floundering Founders (why our founding fathers couldn’t get it right) … oh, heck, Hollywood.  Just get right to your point and produce, Communism, America’s Glorious Future!  There are plenty of “stars” in Hollywood who will fight for the leading roles!

I think it’s time we turn off the TV and go back to reading good books for entertainment.

–  –  –

There’s a 6 minute video you should watch right away: Violence is Coming to America.  Glenn Beck explains why….


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