Oops. I lost my body! (You did, too….)

I used to have a body.  You used to have one, too.  Sadly, they’re gone.

“But, wait!” you say, “I’m touching my leg, right now.  My body’s right here!”  Tsk, tsk, you poor, uneducated soul …. err, I mean, person.  You obviously haven’t kept up with the times.  You don’t have a body; you are that body.

You see, to say ‘you have a body’ separates you from it.  If you’re not your body, that means you are a soul (or a spirit) and THAT means there’s a “world” besides this one … and that implies there is a God.

And we can’t have that in modern-day America!

In the old days, like pre-1970, we used to bury John Jones’ body in his grave.  TODAY we put John Jones, himself, in that grave.  And that’s the end of him.  There’s no soul, no spirit, no afterlife, because today, our country (or society) is godless.  The atheists have won.

The reporter used-to-say, “John Jones’ body was laid to rest here, a few hours ago….”  Today, that reporter says, “John Jones was laid to rest here, a few hours ago….”  (It’s just such a report, a few minutes ago, that inspired this posting.)

Listen to the news–with that thought in mind–and witness, for yourself, how we’ve become an atheist nation, while we Christians slept.  It’s been so quietly slipped in, I wonder if you even noticed.

If you ever get the feeling that God has abandoned our country … maybe that’s why.  We’ve certainly abandoned Him as a nation.

(Maybe a Billy Graham-type preacher will pick up this thought, and push it, and turn us around.  I’ll not hold my breath….)



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[Real name] Bruce Hopkins [Current residence] Quinlan, Texas [Work history in chronological order] Grape Picker, Scullery Captain, Printer, Preacher, Restaurant Manager, Gas Station Attendant, Copier Service Technician, Satellite Systems Service Technician, Satellite Systems Service Manager, Customer Service Manager, Family Law Legal Forms Typist, Storable Foods Business Owner, Courier, Telephone Support Tech, Telephone Sales of UPSs. Wanna hire me?
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2 Responses to Oops. I lost my body! (You did, too….)

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  2. foodstr2 says:

    As I publish this, and close out, I notice that WordPress’s ONLY “Suggested Tag” for this particular posting is “John Jones”. They TOTALLY skip over references to God, or atheism, or having a body, or anything concerning the message. I guess WordPress’s creators/editors are atheists, too.


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