Business Insider endorses some ‘pretty good’ communist economic policies

Tuesday, Jan 7, 2014 at 1:35 PM CST
from Glenn Beck’s Mailing

On radio this morning, Glenn played some audio of a prediction he made back in 2010 regarding the Marxists in this country finally revealing themselves for who they truly are.

“A couple of predictions have come true lately – long-standing predictions,” Glenn said. “One was: At some point, they are all going to just say, ‘You know what? Yes, we’re Marxists. So what?’”

Here is what Glenn had to say in 2010:

GLENN: We’re approaching a time when the argument will change. [They will say], ‘Yes. Yes. We do believe in Marx… And we communists would like to fight on the side of democracy. But you know, [the] system is old. It’s outdated. It doesn’t work.’ Just as the progressives said at the turn of the last century: Got to decide now: Is it Marx or Madison? It’s one of the two because they can’t coexist.

Fast-forward to this past weekend, and that prediction seems to be coming true. On Friday, Rolling Stone’s Jesse A. Myerson released an article entitled “Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For.” In the piece, Myerson argues in favor of several five economic principles ripped straight from the pages of the Soviet constitution:

  • Guaranteed jobs for everyone
  • A universal basic income
  • Imposing a land-value tax, or maybe having the government own a lot of land
  • “Make everybody own everything,” the specific proposal for which seems to be a sovereign wealth fund
  • State lending banks like North Dakota’s

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Myerson’s analysis got a lot of people’s attention, and the article garnered 5,000+ comments from supporters and detractors. Business Insider decided to get in on the action by posting a response to the Rolling Stone piece, in which writer Josh Barro calls Myerson’s economic reform ideas as “pretty good.”

“Business Insider came out yesterday and said, you know, there are like five [ideas] going around that people are saying are new business ideas,” Glenn explained. “We think they’re pretty good. Ok, yes, they are from Karl Marx, but what’s wrong with these?”

In the article, “Some Of These ‘Communist’ Economic Ideas Are Actually Pretty Good,” Barro writes:

Conservatives dismiss this agenda at their peril. Myerson’s ideas are aimed at very real problems: Returns to labor are declining relative to returns to capital; America’s economy is vulnerable to shocks that sharply raise unemployment; returns to economic growth are accruing disproportionately out of the top, leaving most people out of their share of progress.

“I mean that essentially fits the prediction to a tee,” Pat concluded.

“All of these are found in the Soviet constitution. All of these are communist. All of these come from the Marx manifesto,” Glenn said. “Congratulations! The prediction is out now, and it’s happening.”


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