BEFORE you buy from newcomers to Emergency Foods….


Until lately, the emergency food, or storable food, market has been served by relatively few companies. Historically, only 1/2 of 1 percent of Americans stored any food for emergencies, so many companies weren’t needed.

I started in the emergency food business in 1994 (licking stamps & mailing envelopes) and went online in 1996.  See our About Us Page.

I’m guessing because of Obama’s hard work at changing America–and destroying our way-of-life–more people are preparing for disaster now, and even “big box” stores have entered the market. Plus, some companies are putting on new “distributors” and setting up cloned websites all over the ‘net.  (The “big box” stores, like Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco, have succeeded in putting the small, hometown merchant out-of-business.  NOW they’re targeting the Emergency Food industry with cheap [probably Chinese] foods having LOW per-day calorie counts!)

Trouble is, you have no one knowledgeable to talk to and, if you DO reach someone, they don’t know what-the-heck they’re talking about!  (There’s more to learn than appears on the surface!)  Some of them will tell you outright lies.

Seven days ago, on October 27, I did some research into these new upstarts.  I found ONE that claimed to be celebrating 10 years in business.  In my 19 years in the biz, I’d not heard of them, so I tried to use Google’s Wayback Machine to see if they were around then … wouldn’t you know, they’d written a Robots Text on their website that would not allow the Googlebot to dig up their past!  They’re LIARS!

There are brand new “farms” springing up selling “new, freeze dried foods”.  IF you can get to speak to someone at those companies, ask them how long they’ve been selling emergency foods, and (oh, yeah), ARE THE FOODS FROM CHINA??  (I’m regularly approached by Chinese salesmen trying to get us to buy their contaminated crap!) Feel free to buy your Chinese trinkets at the “big box” stores, but I’d avoid the food like the plague!  As many other products as they import from there, my money’s on their food coming from China, too.  Good luck getting to talk to someone about it….

The foods that are so popular lately–and found everywhere–are the Mylar pouches of freeze-dried meals.  We sell them only because of the demand, not because of the quality, when compared with Mountain House.  Before you invest in their “plastic buckets filled with pouched meals”, I urge you to buy one or two pouches of each brand and do a side-by-side taste comparison.  (Theirs are bland; Mountain House’s are delicious.)

BUT, they’ve hired pros to take elegant pictures of their meals and make them look delicious.  They’re edible, but far from delicious!  No one’s food looks as good in real life as their pictures show!

But here are even bigger problems with them:  Rodents!  Unless you suspend those plastic buckets from the ceiling, or invest in metal cans to put the plastic buckets into, rats and mice WILL chew through the buckets and into the Mylar bags.  We had it happen to us in 1998.

Now, food odor can’t penetrate Mylar.  But, the food odor clings to the outside of the bags during packaging and those varmints know the bags contain food.  They’ll destroy your food storage. (Those companies are profit-driven and haven’t thought about your safety!)

It’s real handy to just reach into the bucket, fetch a pouch, add boiling water, and eat.  (None of that pesky measuring out ¼ cups!)  But here’s the trade-off:

You’re buying a WHOLE lot of AIR in those plastic buckets! The pouches are bulged where the food is in them and there’s a world of air between each pouch!  It’s much more cost-effective to buy in Number 10 cans and put up with that darn measuring cup.  (Once a can is opened you just reseal with the included lid. They’ll last 3 to 6 months after you open them.)

It’s even more cost effective to buy dehydrated foods in those #10 cans, rather than freeze-dried.  Go HERE to see a comparison between dehydrated and freeze-dried.

These people pushing their Mylar-bags-in-plastic-buckets claim a 25-year shelf life for their foods.  Maybe so, if the rodents don’t get them first, but the industry standard–established by Mountain House years ago–is five (5) years in pouches.  25 years in cans.

But, just for the sake of discussion, let’s give them their “25 years”.  Their implication is that their [Chinese?] freeze-dried foods will last longer than our dehydrated foods … and that’s bunk!  Both properly-packaged types of food will last exactly the same amount of time.

Twenty years ago, dehydrating canneries said “7 to 10 years shelf life.”  But they were just being conservative, as you’ll see next.

Now here’s the biggie that none of our competitors will tell you … except us.  They won’t tell you because it would cost them money (sales).  It hurts our sales, too, but we’re more concerned with you being prepared.

Are you sitting down?

TWICE in our history, canned foods over one hundred years old have been found.  In both cases they were found to be still edible, and in one case, testing showed it still contained some nutrition!  Read about it HERE.

The foods that were found were neither dehydrated nor freeze-dried.  They were “wet packed” the same way your grocery-store-canned-foods are today.  AND (get this!), this was when canning food was only about a 10-year-old technology!  I wonder if our canning techniques have improved any since then.  What do you think??

What this means for you is that–if you’re on a tight budget (and you believe we have enough time)–just buy a few extra cans of food when you do your grocery shopping each week and set them back.  You won’t save any space, like you do with dehydrated foods (because they shrivel when dried), but you can slowly build up your food storage.  (BTW, you also don’t save any space with freeze-dried foods.  They don’t shrivel when dried.  Have you read that page, yet??)

So, now you understand why profit-driven, new-in-the-emergency-food-market-people don’t want you to know….

Lastly, here’s why you’ll like us better:

  • You can reach people who really know this emergency food business, from 8am to 10pm Central, 7-days-a-week! (I know our pages say ‘til 9pm, but that’s for inattentive East Coasters…. I’ll answer the phone until 10pm Central time.)
  • We’re straight with you, even if it costs us a sale.  We want what’s best for you!
  • We save you money by telling you what you don’t need to buy from us.  Go HERE to see a list of items that don’t even need special packaging.
  • We’re able to keep you “out of the system” if you want anonymity for your order.
  • We go the extra mile to get your order to you, undented. Go HERE to see our custom packaging!
  • We speak fluent English! and we know the subject.

Lastly, you’ll notice how you didn’t have to sign up for anything to get this education.  No money, no email address.  Nothing.  We’re not the slick, master-marketers like the ‘big boys’.  You get on our mailing list because YOU want to.

(There’s more!  Explore our website….)



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