Muslims Persecuting Christians in Egypt

You’d have to be asleep not to be aware of what’s going on in Egypt with the Muslims’ persecution of Christians,

Here’s a link:

They’ve even paraded harmless, innocent Coptic nuns through the streets like prisoners-of-war. (Where’s the Catholic church’s stand on this?? Oh, wait. Coptics aren’t Roman Catholics. I remember now!)

Here’s what you need to understand about these “radical Muslims”:

Just as most Christians don’t read and study their Bible, most Muslims don’t read and study their Koran. Those who DO become the “radical Muslims”. They’re the FAITHFUL followers of Islam!

Islam is not REALLY a religion. The word ‘religion’ breaks down into ‘re’ (again) and ‘ligio’ (to tie. as in ‘ligature’). Religion is supposed to “tie us back to God,” or reunite us with God.

Islam’s goal is world DOMINATION, not world repentance.

After 9/11, I tried a reading of the Koran to find out what-the-heck Muslims were up to and why. (It’s extremely tedious and boring reading, BTW.)

I found a wealth of verses advocating/commanding the murder and destruction of ‘unbelievers’ (in Mohammed) and I started a list, which you can read, here:

Later, I republished Geert Wilder’s article, “Geert Wilders on The Growing Dangers of Islam,” which you can read, here:

You owe it to yourself, your family and even your country, to understand what’s really going on with Islam. It’s NOT the “religion of peace” that Muslims have promoted it to be.

And they’re going to have a million-Muslim-march on Washington, D.C., in support of the “radical”, deposed Morsi (whose followers are the faithful Muslims who are destroying churches and killing Christians).

Better rethink this, folks!


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