A Diet Plan that Will Also Help in Hard Times (that are coming)

For the first 35 years of my life I never needed a diet program of any kind.  (You can see a picture of me at 28, here.  That was my physique until about 35 when I got into the restaurant biz….)  I’ve always thought of diet plans as scams and so, avoided them.

Then I had my series of falls that have laid me up for the past year.  That’s when I put on the pounds!  Got up to 246 lbs … almost TWICE my early-days weight!

While I generally just delete weight-loss emails, for some reason I opened this one.  They promised to put a large a group under me, before I joined.  (Shoot, they were playing my tune!  For years I’ve been asking that of advertising firms, even offering to pay them for the free month if their ad worked!  None have ever taken me up on it.)  But these folks would do it!

The program is pitched as a money-maker (and it sure looks like it will be) but I wanted to see if it would actually help me lose weight, even though I can’t exercise yet.  It’s free to pre-enroll and see your group grow, so I thought I’d at least do that much.  (As you’ll see if you read this page, in 6 days I had 2,503 Pre-Enrollees and 479 paid members placed under me.  That was real motivation to join!)

It took a bit for the capsules to get here, but I started with them on March 26 (at 246 lbs). They work exactly as described.  Not only do they make you feel full so you eat less at meals, they also killed my chocolate-craving, so I no longer even want to snack between meals.  I’m losing between 1/2 to 1 pound-a-day!  As I write, I’m down to 236 after 8 days.  You can see my beginning picture, here. (I also included a picture of my trying to “fake it” so you’ll know I’m being honest in these photos.)  When the weight loss is camera-visible, I’ll be adding those pics, too.

Now, I’m not the world’s quickest at putting two-and-two together, but it (finally) occurred to me that these capsules are perfect for what’s needed immediately after the stuff-hits-the-fan and we’re having to transition from grocery-store-food into our preparedness foods.  There’s gonna be a lot of craving for Arby’s, KFC, Wendy’s, McD’s, chocolate, and all the other former “delicacies”.  These diet caps will enable you to be happy with less food-per-meal and reduce or eliminate those cravings.

You can purchase these at retail, without getting involved with it to make money, but since you save about twenty bucks per bottle–and it costs nothing extra to join–it makes sense to sign up.  If you do sign up, I’ll be helping you build your group (beyond what the company does) and I’ll send you an email on how.  I do have a few extra bottles that I can sell to those who just want to try them for a month without signing up for anything. Call me at 903-356-3917 to place the order (fax tone = line in use).

These really do work as-advertised, and they’re something you should add to your food storage … even if you don’t need to diet!

‘Til next time,



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