Beware of the Phrase: “Just add processing and handling”

You hear it on TV a dozen times a day (if you’re a TV addict), “Order now!  Only $29.95 … but wait!  Order within the next 15 minutes and I’ll send you a second one FREE! Just add additional processing and handling.”

But, remember when it used to be, “shipping and handling”??

Back when it was still “shipping and handling”, I started to order some $19.95 gadget that excited me, and was even more excited about the prospect of getting TWO of them.  (Sorry, I can’t remember what it was, tsk, tsk, tsk.)

I called the toll free number to order.  The order-taker advised me that my second one would be (you’re sitting, right?) $11.95 S&H!  Holy cow!!

Here at BPSF, we ship stuff all day long.  To add a second can (for example) to an order might add two or three bucks to the shipping cost.  So, their “processing fee” was about nine dollars!  Well, either that or the second one wasn’t really free.

I think we now know the truth of the matter….

– – – – –

To leave you on a happy note, let me share with you something I just found. It’s hilarious:
Breakfast at Ginger’s,

Happy New Year!



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