The Comedy Central Roast of….

Channel-surfing this evening I came across the roast of Larry the Cable Guy (Dan Whitney).  I like him and most of his comedy … and I used to love comedy roasts, especially back when Dean Martin had them.  Do you remember the days when writers could write humor without resorting to sex, sexual organs or sexual perversion??

I’m guessing it’s because there’s  so little writing talent these days that it can no longer be done.  I’m waiting for Jeff Foxworthy to see if he can do it…. and he made it through with just a couple of mild innuendos.  (Way to go, Jeff!)  Maybe  he’s the only one who wrote his own stuff.  They all seem so tied-to-their-scripts as they keep looking down at the podium. I guess few of them write their own jokes.

So, another avenue of quality comedy goes away.  And <sigh>, I really miss Carol Burnett….



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