The Old Age ‘Double Flush’

Almost sixty years ago–as a child–I used to wonder why old people (men, to the best of my recollection) had to flush the toilet twice … or more.  After all, once I outgrew the fascination with loading it up with perfectly good toilet paper, one toilet flush was plenty for me!

Well, now that I have advanced to the ripe old age of 65, I, with great shame-of-face, understand:  If you don’t at least double flush, it’s a date with Mr. Plunger.

Let me clarify.  I don’t mean two at the end.  It’s once in the middle and (hopefully) once at the end.  And God help you, if the middle flush is insufficient.  Then, not only are you faced with a huge plunging issue upon completion, but you fret about it for the rest of the ‘visit’.

Maybe one of my medically-trained readers can explain why this happens to older men. I see no appreciable difference in my current diet from my youth diet (my wife is now the one who forces the vegetables down me) so, to my untrained mind, it’s got to be just an age issue.  Oh, and I love spinach, especially as a salad, so I’m confident it’s not a roughage issue.

Surely it’s not related to TV dinners….

If anyone has an answer, comments are allowed in this blog.


Postscript – I have had one experience when my gift-to-the-sewer consisted of just one, huge unflushable.  Since it’s only happened once, I treated it as an exception and didn’t include it in the main article.

Also, dear Reader, notice the grace, aplomb and cleanliness with which I approached this subject?


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