Why I don’t believe in psychics

(This memory brought to you due to an email from “GoldPsychics”.)

Back in the late ’60s, one of my best friends in Jacksonville, Florida, was Charlie Kearns.  We met while he was an after-school-tech at Roland Labs in Jacksonville, FL.  He and I palled around and had a few adventures.  One of them was meeting “Madam Weegee“.  That’s what we called her behind her back, after the Ouija Board (beyond me why I still capitalize the name of that thing…).

At the time, before I was convinced of the historical reliability of the New Testament and that Jesus is Lord, I was into metaphysics in a big way. I even bought an extensive library of books and had meetings about it at my house.  I was ‘into it’ heavily!

I don’t remember how we found–or who might’ve introduced us to–Madam Weegee, but we wound up at her place one day and she looked at me and said (with all seriousness), “One day, your name will be a household word!

Well, as I write, I’m 65 years, 5 months and 5 days old … and (almost) completely unknown.  Go ahead, ask any friend of yours if he or she has heard of me.  I’ll wait….


So, unless the good Madam meant that my name was SH*T or DAMN, she was dead wrong and certainly no psychic.

On the bright side, think of all the money I’ve saved over the years by not calling those phony ‘psychic hotlines’!




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