Spammers say the darnedest things!

These are spammer-ad headlines that I’ve received from 10/14 to today.  My comments are in italics below each one.  Please know that I did NOT edit them in any way.  I just copied-and-pasted them, as is.


Investment Massage from Dr.(Mrs)Rose Peter! (10/14/12)
If we weren’t both married, I’d be right over! My muscles are a little sore…

Are Ya Havin Fun Yet? We Are Bruce (10/14/12)
No, I am Bruce. You are Spammer.

Holloween/ Eden fantasys (10/14/12)
Not only a hollow holiday, but a computerized orange drink…

this 1 odd tip of a flatterbelly? (10/14/12)
I hope it’s for my horse, in the 3rd, at Preakness!

Well, if no Venusians are coming, I’m not buying!

GRAB 1 MILLION USA VISITORS ONLY $18.00!!!! (10/15/12)
If they MUST come, where should I grab them??

Average People With No Skills Are Making $1,OOOs Here… (10/16/12)
At least he’s honest … that’s 3 O’s, not 0’s (zeroes)

Do you want your Ads to be seeing.? (10/17/12)
I sure do!  Gimme a minute to get the dog…

I’m not sure my sieve is large enough to do it twice!

Finally making money online explaned! (10/18/12)
When you exit a plane, you ‘deplane’, not ‘explane’.

wining ad (10/19/12)
I hope it’s for Burgundy (my favorite!)

New Prelaunch – Turn 10bucks Into 520 Weekly! (10/19/12)
This one depends on where you put the decimal point…

Automated Succes Steam (10/22/12)
Does this mean a comeback for the engine and the car?

Wow! Great PAPs Really DO Exist! Hurry & Get Yours Today! (10/22/12)
Are we talking paps, like in the Bible? (Parental discretion advised!)

Shopping for ladies
This can be taken two ways!

(Received 10/28/12) Drop to Your High School Weight By October 15!
Now that would be a trick!

Have a Bootiful Sunday! (10/14/12)
You, teau!

This is for your SPECIAL URL, (10/14/12)
Got anything for my special Girl??

– – – – –

There will likely be more-to-come.  I haven’t seen a great intelligence improvement in the spamming community!



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[Real name] Bruce Hopkins [Current residence] Quinlan, Texas [Work history in chronological order] Grape Picker, Scullery Captain, Printer, Preacher, Restaurant Manager, Gas Station Attendant, Copier Service Technician, Satellite Systems Service Technician, Satellite Systems Service Manager, Customer Service Manager, Family Law Legal Forms Typist, Storable Foods Business Owner, Courier, Telephone Support Tech, Telephone Sales of UPSs. Wanna hire me?
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