Stop with the advertising, already!

We subscribe to DirecTV. I remember back in the ’60s, when people subscribed to Cable TV, they didn’t have to suffer through endless advertising, because they PAID for their subscription.

Boy, are THOSE DAYS ever gone! We not only have to put up with ongoing ads 24/7 at the bottom right of the screen (when not advertising there, we have to have the channel-that-we’re-on displayed there … I guess because Americans no longer have short-term memories.), but we NOW have an ad at the TOP LEFT of the screen! Where will this end??

C’mon, Hollywood, There are still 2 un-advertised-in corners left on our TV screens. You’re missing your opportunity to send me back to reading!


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[Real name] Bruce Hopkins [Current residence] Quinlan, Texas [Work history in chronological order] Grape Picker, Scullery Captain, Printer, Preacher, Restaurant Manager, Gas Station Attendant, Copier Service Technician, Satellite Systems Service Technician, Satellite Systems Service Manager, Customer Service Manager, Family Law Legal Forms Typist, Storable Foods Business Owner, Courier, Telephone Support Tech, Telephone Sales of UPSs. Wanna hire me?
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