But THAT implies there’s a God!

While watching one of the “reality” shows Sunday night, there was a report about some jerk who murdered both his daughters, put their bodies in suitcases … and buried them in the woods near his house. (Please note how I worded that.)

The reporter stated it this way: “Madison was in one, Heather was in the other.”

Maybe you’re one who’s awake and remembers things, too?  There was a time, not too long ago, that the reporter would have reported this as: THE BODIES were placed in the suitcases … not the named persons themselves.

But, you see, that would mean that the person was more than a body … and THAT would mean “spirit” or “soul”, and THAT would imply that there was <shock> a God.

Modern-day media cannot have that. There can be no God in 21st Century America.

This may sound like a petty point, but it’s part of “secular brainwashing” and I invite you to read, listen and watch today’s media with a new set of eyes and ears….


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3 Responses to But THAT implies there’s a God!

  1. Allallt says:

    Alternatively the media is trying to get a more emotional response from people. They drop the clinical and detached description in favour of a description that reminds people that these were human beings.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is a spirit or a soul, but I think it is overly sensitive to read ‘secularism’ into the naming of a murder victim.


  2. foodstr2 says:

    First, I’m sorry to learn of your lack-of-Faith (obviously, you’ve never had a course on historical Christian evidences). Secondly, in that case, the reporter should have said, “Madison’s body was put in one, Heather’s was placed in another”, or something similar.

    If you have the least bit of an open-mind, I invite you ro read some of the articles here, http://jimmcguiggan.com/nonbelievers.asp
    (Jim was one of my instructors at Sunset International Bible Institute. I think you’ll find his approach different and refreshing.)


    • Allallt says:

      I appreciate the link, and I shall look through it in due course. In the mean time, it s worth noting that I have thought about this issue extensively: allalltor.wordpress.com


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