Lining Up

As I remember it, throughout the ’50s–and even into the late ’70s–when we were told to ‘form a line’–the person in charge would tell us, “Alright, get in line!”  We would dutifully stand, one behind another, and prepare to be walked-as-a-group somewhere.

Apparently, we are no longer permitted to do that.

For about the past decade, the liner-upper has told us to “Get on line!”  I have to believe there is a deep, underlying cause for this change in terminology.  It’s because of those damn communists!

Yep, it’s as basic as the difference between communism and capitalism.  Communism treats people–us–as a group (which is implied by “get in line”. Ya’ll are just a length of rope!).  Capitalism treats us (more) as individuals.  We stand on the line, individually.

Ya know, now that I think about it, since I’ve pointed this out, watch how fast today’s educators revert to using “get in line” … well, if I had any kind of a following, they would….

(But, you will just have to forgive me, if you hear me tell the kids to get in line … it’s how I grew up.  And there’s hardly any communism in me!)

What-the-heck brought this post on??  I watched a rerun this morning of Dick Cavett’s interview of Woody Allen, and Woody mentioned “on line”.

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