The Great (almost) Expose of 2012

(My previous post was made Tuesday, October 2, at 10:30 p.m.  When I posted it, it claimed Oct. 3 as the publication date. If this blog has a mind-of-its-own, we’re going to have some real problems here!)

– – – – –

I had all the proof I needed, the bag, the product code, date of manufacture, and–of course–the mis-produced product.  They were Mars’ Peanut M&Ms, and I had ’em dead-to-rights ….

For untold years I’ve eaten this product and enjoyed the peanut flavor and crunch.  But THIS bag must’ve had microscopic, or at least mini-sized, peanuts.  All I could taste was chocolate!

I grabbed my digital camera and a selection of “Peanut” M&Ms and headed for the kitchen. I chose a well-lit table so I could send you the proof-positive picture, grabbed a sharp knife and sliced one of the offending, mis-produced M&Ms in half.  “Ah ha!  Just as I thought!” … no, wait.  It was 95% PEANUT.

“Well, of course, one would slip through…”.  So I cut open a second.  Uh, oh.  Same thing.  “Try more!”  No good.  They were ALL mostly peanut.

Just goes to prove that that evil Mars Corporation buys cheaper, tasteless peanuts so they can line their greedy, corporate pockets with cash!  Spread this far-and-wide and BOYCOTT MARS candies until they put TASTY peanuts back in their M&Ms!

(Pssst!  Anybody know where I can buy a new set of taste buds??)  –  Come visit!


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[Real name] Bruce Hopkins [Current residence] Quinlan, Texas [Work history in chronological order] Grape Picker, Scullery Captain, Printer, Preacher, Restaurant Manager, Gas Station Attendant, Copier Service Technician, Satellite Systems Service Technician, Satellite Systems Service Manager, Customer Service Manager, Family Law Legal Forms Typist, Storable Foods Business Owner, Courier, Telephone Support Tech, Telephone Sales of UPSs. Wanna hire me?
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