Why “foodstr2”?

I (Bruce Hopkins) use the screen name foodstr2 because, back in 1996 (when I first got online), I was selling food and wanted to be know as ‘the foodster’ (like a race car driver might want to be ‘speedster’), but someone was already using the name “foodster”.  You might remember that, back then, you were limited to 8 characters in your screen name.

I figured that I’d drop the “e” and put a number at the end of “foodstr”.  Trouble was that the number 1 looked too much like the letter l (el) … so I thought 2 would be the less confusing choice to be recognized.

Well, that was a short post, huh?


About foodstr2

[Real name] Bruce Hopkins [Current residence] Quinlan, Texas [Work history in chronological order] Grape Picker, Scullery Captain, Printer, Preacher, Restaurant Manager, Gas Station Attendant, Copier Service Technician, Satellite Systems Service Technician, Satellite Systems Service Manager, Customer Service Manager, Family Law Legal Forms Typist, Storable Foods Business Owner, Courier, Telephone Support Tech, Telephone Sales of UPSs. Wanna hire me?
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